New Release !Vapcell 18650 M34 3400mah 10A

Release time:2019-04-30 丨 Reading times:1909

New Release !Vapcell 18650 M34 3400mah 10A

Vapcell 18650 3400mah 10A M34 battery

Tesla /Panasonic NCR18650BG rewrapped.

The power is equal to GA, 35E, MJ1 ,VC7,M36. beat samsung 36G.

Electric vehicle use, excellent cycle life, more than 1000 times, and excellent consistency.

We can weld button top and PCB, as well as battery pack for you .

Suitable for box mod, flashlight, power bank, etc.

Original batteries and vapcell batteries, as you choose.

Good price, excellent performance for you.

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