The sole distributor in China for Molicel/NPE batteries.

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We're excited and honored to announce we've been chosen as the sole distributor in the China for Molicel/NPE batteries.

We deal directly with the manufacturer to let more people to know another top quality batteries like 18650 20700 and 21700 with good supply always .

E-One Moli Energy Corp. & NPE (Their official distributor) are willing to authorise their cells for use in vaping devices and battery pack. Their performance and consistancey of these cells are incredible. 

The Vapcell 2600mAh 25A (Molicel P26A) runs at a higher voltage and longer at 25A than the VTC5A, also better price than vtc5a 

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The Vapcell 20700 purple 3000mAh 30A (Molicel 20700A ) is the top performing 20700 , stable consistency and good supply always .
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Another, we now have molicel 21700 4200mAh 30A in stock ( Beat 40T)

All cells can be sold directly if you want .

Please feel free to let us your request.