VapCell Guarantee

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Dear All , 

Thanks so much for your attention to our VapCell batteries . 

Many vendors and users worry about the vapcell battery that we send to the battery expert test is good performance,

then will replace the bad battery , worry about the performance and safety.

We promise that the battery is tested by battery experts ,samples pick randomly without deliberate selection. Guarantee that each user's battery have good performance.
The battery will not be changed easily ,if there is a special reason to replace the battery, we will notify in the official website and Facebook, and inform the vendors and users.
Never hurt, care with heart

In addition to vapcell batteries, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sanyo, and Sony brands battery is guaranteed to be genuine and we have the responsibility to help users control the quality of batteries.
Meanwhile, Vapcell hope that we use good batteries for our own safety.
Vapcell loves everyone

your sincerely,

VapCell team