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VapCell internal resistance

Vapcell YR1030 tester

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Vapcell internal resistance tester YR1030---battery test expert

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Vapcell YR1030 Internal resistance tester is a great tester.Portable,easy,efficient,precise to test many types of batteries .

It can test lead acid, li-ion, Lipo, Lifepo4, alkaline cell ,dry cell, nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, coin cell,etc.

Safety instructions 

The maximum input voltage on the internal resistance and voltage range measurement does not more than DC 30V. Under any conditions can not enter the AC signal.

The charging port uses the MICRO-MINI charging port. 

Standard configuration:

1 * Internal resistance tester

1* test line (red,white* black,white)

1* user manual 

Measuring the battery

Normal mode

1. Connect the test lines and turn on the power. Make sure that the measured battery voltage does not exceed the instrument upper limit of 28V.

2. The two test pens(each pen has two lines and probes) were connected to the positive and negative battery. PS: Red and white line is connect the positive; black and white is connected negative.

3. wait to display stablely and read value.